L24 Privacy Policy

Last updated: 27/12/2021
Your safety is important to us. For this reason, the personal data that you will share with us is protected with sensitivity.

About us

We, ARGE 24 data as the person responsible for this Privacy Policy and personal data protection, in which your personal data processed for any purpose, processed data may be shared with whom and why we have our reasons and legal data processing method; we aim to enlighten you as to what your rights are regarding your data is processed.

Your Collected Personal Data, Method of Collection and Legal Reason

Your IP address and user agent information are used only for analysis purposes and cookies, etc. via technologies, automated or non-automated methods and with analytical and sometimes providers, ad networks, search information providers, technology providers, such as obtained from third parties
recorded, stored, and updated within the framework of contractual relations between you and US and the service and for the duration of the processing based on the legitimate interest of the requirements will be handled.

Your Personal Data Are Processed For The Purpose

Your personal data that you share with us is only analyzed by; the best way to fulfill the requirements of the services we offer, allows these services to be accessed by, and to ensure maximum benefit, be able to develop our services in accordance with your needs reuniting with the service providers and the broader legal framework and the obligations arising from the law (on request personal data to be shared with the judicial and administrative authorities) in order to fulfill the contract and for the duration of the service, and will be handled in an appropriate and proportionate manner to the purpose will be updated.

To Whom and for What Purposes the Collected Personal Data May be Transferred

Your personal data that you share with us; we receive and/or provide services to carry out our activities, we have a contractual relationship, we cooperate, we work at home and abroad 3. it may be transferred to individuals, institutions and organizations, as well as to judicial and administrative authorities upon request, provided that the necessary technical and administrative measures are taken.

Some features of the services allow you to share your content and links to Link 24 through your accounts of third-party services such as Twitter, Facebook. If you choose to link 24 to such third-party services, we may collect information about your use of these third-party services, such as authentication information that allows us to connect to your third-party service accounts. We will use this information only for the specific reason for which it was provided to us. We may also collect information about how you use the services to interact with linked third-party services. Please note that third-party services may have the ability to restrict the information provided to us based on your privacy settings for that account.

As described in this policy, to ensure that we can extract locations from the IP addresses of computers or devices that visit our website or click, view, or interact with "Link 24" links, we receive IP-derived location information from our third-party service provider. In addition, we receive commercial contact information of our business customer contacts and potential leads from our third-party service provider.

Your Rights as a Person Whose Personal Data is Processed

In accordance with Article 11 of the KVKK, everyone can exercise the following rights by contacting the data controller:


You are completely free to accept and not to accept the processing of your personal data, which is only necessary in order to perform analyses for the purpose of providing services to you, in accordance with this privacy and personal data processing policy. If you continue to use the Site, your acceptance will be assumed by us and you will contact us for more detailed information [email protected] please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail address. We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.